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Residential properties

The sale or rental of a home is subject to more and more regulations. Moreover, the best guarantee of a quick and successful transaction is the correct valuation of the property. As your real estate broker, Qabirim has the knowledge and experience to help you through these different steps.

Resort properties

Because of its international presence, Qabirim Real Estate is particularly well suited as a broker to help with the sale, purchase, rental or management of vacation homes or apartments in Costa Rica, a true ecological paradise, on the Spanish coasts or on the French Basque Coast.

Commercial and industrial properties

Qabirim Real Estate offers an efficient team well versed in the requirements of commercial or industrial buildings, such as retail stores, warehouses and workshops, in Belgium, France, Spain or even Costa Rica. We are particularly well equipped to assist with the installation of a foreign branch.

Qabirim Real Estate

Qabirim Real Estate Services is a group of international presence, with over 25 years experience in Europe and Latin America in project and property management, providing quality advice for buyers and sellers. As an international real estate broker we also ensure a high quality service and advice when buying or selling your building, apartment, flat, condo, chalet, home or any other real estate.

Our goal is to satisfy your real estate needs through a personalized and professional service. We focus on acting as your real estate agency whether you want to find a property, have homes for sale or commercial properties for sale or lease in Belgium, Costa Rica, Spain or a French property. We also offer all the advice and after sales services that our customers may need.

Our expertise gives us ample leeway when it comes to helping you in your property search find the piece of real estate that best matches your needs whether beach homes or lots in Costa Rica or Spain, urban residences in Brussels, Wallonia or Madrid, shops, warehouses or industrial buildings or offices.

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